VPX is helping the actor

Actors are not willing to shiver on top of a mountain or to withstand the sun heat. They just want to act and sometimes they are really demanding just for that. With the above technology we will meet their best expectations. We will control everything to get the best from all the actors and not only referring to the temperature or freshness of the air. VPX is offering in real time the exact look of the acting space, the space where the character is journeying.

The green screen is all the time a stress factor, a deconcentrating element, and the black crosses where objects are supposed to be it’s not helping much.

VPX is helping the director

Once started, the LED screen is displaying the virtual space of the story. The director’s creativity will be set on the maximum level. Seeing every part of the acting space is helping the narrative and let everybody to know if there are some aspects to be fixed.

The sun will raise when we want, will set where we want, the wind will be felt in the actor’s hair like in the LED screen and trimmed if needed. The travelling will stay in the same position because the room will turn around the camera. Everything in real time, in a no time rendering.

VPX is helping the Director of photography

In a green screen technology, we have a list of objects to avoid. This list is a must have in VPX studios to enhance the sense of reality. Every shiny object is welcomed, not banned.

The photography is better controlled. The virtual lights would fit the real set light rig, all in real-time. The director of photography has the ability to color grade the background content independently to obtain the desired drama of the shot.

VPX is helping the Producer

With this modern technology we will have a faster response time and lower budget involved in virtual set construction. Travel costs and relocation could be substantially decreased. Especially for TVC, we can have the client’s input before the shooting, so no additional costs involved in additional post-production workload. The editing will be shortened because the material is ready for edit right after the end of the take through the cloud sharing services. And last but not least, we will have smaller operating teams due to the fact that everything should be close to the VPX studio.

VPX is helping the Set Construction

There is a maximum freedom bought in this department. The set decorator should decide first what objects will be used by the actors or will be in front of the actors. Those are to be constructed. The rest is to build only in 3D software.

This means that all the set is to be stored not in a warehouse but in a hard drive. This means that if you must consider reshooting you will need only those objects that were manipulated by the actors.

VPX is helping the Costume Designer

Any texture and fabric could be used. When using the green screen there is a list of don’ts. You cannot use shiny objects or even mirrors. The same prohibition occurs when a semi-transparent fabric is needed on an outfit. VPX is giving creative freedom to wardrobe and costumes department.

VPX is helping the hair stylists

Again, there is a list of “you cannot do this” if you are using the green screen. Hair is a trouble for post-production but not in VPX system where any strand of hair it`s welcomed in VPX.