Choose VPX

There are several productions where VPX technology could yield outstanding results

Fantasy & Sci Fi

Due to the substantial needed number of locations from other worlds in those two genres, the best solution is to first create them in 3D and let the UNREAL powerful computers to generate them in real time.

Once written in code, those virtually worlds are to be displayed on LED screen the moment the actors are ready to step on the set. No need to left the studio but for resting.

Sophisticated advertising

When the 30 or 60 second TV commercial script are complex and demanding, VPX could be the key for success. The camera will slide on the travelling or pan from the top of the mountains to the underground caves, from the highest clouds to the dense tropical forests without be lifted from the studio floor. The LED screen will do the fantastic voyage.

Impossible locations

The Oval Office, the Sixtine Chapel, the ballroom of the Buckingham Palace and many, many other places really hard to rent of book. What to do? Write them in code, turn on Unreal computer, turn on the LED screen and be ready to shoot any dream.

And many more

How about a talk? Write to us in brief about your project and we will find a good solution for it. Our expertise is not to be kept in secret but spread in order to turn itself into awareness.