The Future of Media Production

VPX Studios: Redefining the Art of Media Production with Real-Time Rendering on a 150 sqm LED Screen
Discover the Future of Media Production with VPX Studios' Cutting-Edge Shooting Studio System
Unleash Your Creativity with VPX Studios' High-Tech LED Screen and Real-Time Rendering Technology
Experience a New Level of Artistic Freedom and Efficiency with VPX Studios' Innovative Shooting Studio System
VPX Studios: Where Creativity Meets Technology in the World of Media Production
Say Goodbye to Traditional Sets and Hello to VPX Studios' Futuristic Shooting Studio System on an LED Screen
Revolutionize Your Media Production Process with VPX Studios' Real-Time Rendering and Modular LED Screen Technology

The Future of Media Production

VPX Studios is a cutting-edge production technology that has revolutionized the way films and other media are created. By using a modular 150 sqm LED screen, VPX renders a hyper-realistic environment in real-time, allowing directors, crew, and actors to have more control and creative freedom than ever before. This innovative system also saves production time and costs, making it a smart choice for any production. With VPX Studios, the possibilities for creative expression are limitless, and the future of media production has never been brighter.

Our advanced computer systems are capable of rendering 3D environments in real-time, providing unprecedented flexibility and creativity for virtual productions. Through VPX studios, we harness the power of these cutting-edge technologies to simulate and enhance post-production, producing stunning visual effects and lifelike environments for film and TV. Our innovative solutions are detailed in the WHY VPX section, showcasing the wide range of technological strengths that make VPX studios the ultimate choice for virtual production needs.

VPX Studios is leading the way in the future of media production, offering cutting-edge technology that enables more creative and innovative productions. Our state-of-the-art computer systems and advanced LED screen technology allow us to create realistic and immersive environments in real-time, giving directors, crew, and actors more artistic freedom while also saving production time and costs.

With our extensive facilities and optional services, we provide a full suite of production support, from construction and set dressing to costumes and special effects. Our expert staff and crew are dedicated to bringing your vision to life, ensuring every detail is meticulously executed to achieve the highest quality production.

Whether you’re working on a feature film, television series, commercial, or other media production, VPX Studios offers the ideal solution to enhance every creative department to the maximum. Learn more about our technological strengths and the benefits of virtual production in our WHY VPX section, and contact us to discuss your project and how we can help you achieve your creative vision.

Enhancing Realism on Set

Experience Seamless Camera Movement Synchronized with Virtual Backgrounds, Creating a Striking Illusion of Depth with Parallax Shift

Be anywhere, any time with VPX Studios

With our virtual production technology, locations can be changed as instantly as environments are created. So you can capture the perfect light, whether it's in the morning, afternoon, or evening, without worrying about time constraints.
Break free from physical limitations and transport your production to any location in the world, instantly.
Whether you need to be in the heart of a bustling city or a remote tropical island, our technology allows you to be there in an instant.
No more expensive travel costs or logistical headaches. With VPX Studios, you can be anywhere you need to be, without ever leaving the comfort of our studio.
Our advanced virtual production system allows you to seamlessly move between environments, so you can be anywhere you need to be, on demand.
With VPX Studios, you can bring any location to life with stunning realism and detail, without ever leaving the comfort of our virtual set.

Light & Reflection

Talent and products can be beautifully illuminated in real-time and reflect their environment from the LED wall, creating a seamless integration between the virtual and real worlds. Additionally, our advanced technology allows us to replicate natural lighting effects such as the "magic hour" for up to 24 hours, giving our clients more flexibility and control over their creative vision

Extend your set

VPX Studios offers the possibility to extend your set with a unique feature. By combining virtual background scenes with a "physical" foreground, the possibilities for creative storytelling are limitless. The seamless integration of these two elements provides a more immersive and realistic experience for audiences.