"Virtual studios on LED screen technology will change the face of film industry"

A New Era of Production

Virtual Production offers creators and, above all, customers more production control by giving them the opportunity to get an immediate impression of the visual impact of the final film and thus to have greater freedom in creative decisions. At the same time one is free from environmental influences and therefore independent of weather or time of day.

Locations that are difficult to reach are no longer a problem, and objects that are still to be kept secret can be screened out very easily.

Through virtual shot planning, animatics created with scenes from pre-built sets and a resolution on the computer that comes very close to the final result, the pre-production phase will be more intense, while post-production will be limited to editing and grading.

All this will ultimately contribute to more production reliability.

Facilities and Services

VPX studios is the biggest VR STUDIO in Eastern Europe located within the Buftea Studios.


  • Standing sets & backlots
  • Construction services
  • Equipment, props & set dressing
  • Costumes, armory, weapons and harness
  • Make-up & prosthetics
  • Picture vehicles
  • Special effect, post-production services
  • Trainning center
  • Hospitality, including on site restaurants and accommodations
  • Ambulance & Fire Brigade services
  • Covid safety measures

Optional services

  • Pre-Production
  • Virtual Graphics
  • Vfx, Unreal Operator
  • Custom content creation
  • Play-out systems
  • Streaming
  • Extra cameras, dolly, grip
  • Object tracking
  • Light tracking
  • Construction, loading images, set-up physical deco
  • Extra sets, furniture, scenography
  • Staff; director, light designer, sound operator, DoP etc.

Presentation Video

Here is a short video presentation of our VPX system. You will see how enthousiastic are the proffessionals who tried for the first time the virtual studio.

Technical Specifications



  • 250kw: 68Kw/panel
  • SQM: 747.23
  • SQFT: 8043,11
  • LxWxH m2: 35,25×23,17×11,69
  • LxWxH ft.: 105,80×76,01×38,35

VPX specifications:

  • Floor: 136 m2
  • Diameter: 17m
  • LED: 208 m2
  • LED back walls: 150 m2
  • Screens: 25 x 6 m
  • Pitch: 2.5 mm
  • Curvature: 210 degrees
  • Up to: 10/12 bit HDR @25 -50hz
  • LED back wall resolution: 10.000 x 2.400


  • Artist
  • Nodes
  • Powered by Nvidia RTX A6000 Graphics


  • Professional tracking system
  • Data transfer/Dark Fiber: Up to 6G by request
  • LED roof: 58 m2
  • Pitch 5.8 mm


  • LED Rolling Gate
  • Bigger LED roof

Virtual Production Stage

VPX Studios is located in Studiourile Buftea, probalby the biggest cinema complex in Eastern Europe. The VR studio itself is among the largest studios of this kind in Europe, but could be installed in several studios from the complex. Please take a look on what Studiourile Buftea is offering as places and hardware.